Uplift of the Month

Flogistix debuts composite coil tubing velocity string install in the Marcellus to unload horizontal shale wells

Flogistix has partnered with a major operator in the Marcellus Shale to install composite coil tubing (CCT) velocity strings.  The subject wells are Marcellus horizontal wells in West Virginia.  Production on the wells had fallen off as reservoir pressure decreased and sales line pressures held steady near 400 psig.  These conditions caused liquid loading to begin as production rates neared 400-500 MCFD.

Completion of the wells originally included production up 2-3/8” Tbg landed at 40-60 degrees in the horizontal.   Once the wells began to load the customer was having to shut-in to intermittently build pressure to flow the wells.  The customer needed a solution and Flogistix arrived with a bobtail CCT truck to install 1.5” ID velocity strings.

The strings are made up of an inner reinforced thermoplastic pipe surrounded by woven Kevlar fibers for strength.  An outer jacket made up of either Nylon or Kynar as a protective layer.  The strings were hung off 20-30’ above the SN of the 2-3/8” Tbg and land in their own WH hanger on the tree.  Four wells had velocity strings installed near the first of July 2017 and all 4 are currently flowing up their new CCT strings.

The customer was pleased with the results and more installs are scheduled for later this year.  Any basin that has liquid loaded horizontal wells are good fits for this technology.  The added bonus of the composite coil tubing is its 20-year life span holding up to corrosion.  Strings can be retrieved and re-run in other wells with these long tubing lifespans.

PV10 estimate inputs: 100% WI, 80% NRI, $3.00 MCF, $50 BO