Our FloWorks field service platform is a comprehensive solution for tracking your site’s maintenance needs.

flux logo FLEET RUNTIME 99.4%
99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.

Advanced Technology, First Class Service

FloWorks — our work order management system — integrates technology with our best-in-class service. From preventive maintenance schedules to automated work orders, FloWorks helps keep our rental fleet operating at a 98% runtime.

FloWorks Features

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Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Creates and maintains a schedule for preventive maintenance accessible through our Flux platform

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Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Keeps units up-to-date with regulatory compliance requirements by capturing the safety and environmental data needed for reporting

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Remote Training and Course Completion

Tracks which members of our team have completed safety and environmental training classes to help ensure compliance with customer standards

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Maintenance Recording and History

Keeps up with equipment maintenance records and maintains a history of asset functionality to show equipment performance and runtime guarantee