Flogistix Sustainability

Discover how we're pioneering sustainable solutions, reducing environmental impact, and contributing to a more eco-friendly energy industry. Together, we're making a difference for today and tomorrow.

Flogistix 2022 Sustainability Report

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99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.


This is Who We Are

Responsibility, employee well-being, and sustainability are all guiding principles in our operations. We strive to have a positive impact on the communities we operate in. Furthermore, preserving our planet for future generations to come, has always been a top priority. It is why we do what we do.  

Our vision of environmental sustainability is put into action through the very nature of our products and services, which allow for responsibility and profitability to work hand-in-hand. 

I know a full sustainability report is critical to our investors, employees, prospective customers, and community, and therefore I’m pleased to announce the release of our 2022 sustainability report. In it, you will see efforts made by our employees to ensure sustainable initiatives are prioritized. We are proud of the strides we’ve made and are integrating changes to improve our procedures going forward. 

As a mission-driven organization, an sustainability report is aligned with who we are, what we do, and how we care for our community. We commit to continuing our tradition of transparency and accountability to our stakeholders. 


Mims Talton, President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Promise

As the expectation for companies to share environmental, social, and governance data increases, Flogistix is pleased to share our inaugural sustainability report. Our main objective is to lead the movement to a low carbon future with innovative vapor recovery and methane detection technologies. This report showcases how we’re accomplishing this goal while reducing environmental impact, protecting social investments, and safeguarding governance oversight.


Preserving our Planet

Our planet faces continued challenges — locally and globally. And our commitment to protect our environment is tied directly to the work we do each and every day. We are committed to continuing to have a positive impact on our industry and will remain accountable for advancing our industry’s environmental progress.


By creating Atmospheric Solutions, we are focused on developing and creating technology that allows the industry to responsibly produce and transport oil and gas without emitting harmful gases into our atmosphere. Additionally, we use technology to advance our manufacturing and maintenance operations to reduce our carbon footprint.

Atmospheric Solutions

Environmental by the Numbers

Our 98.0% guaranteed runtime means more captured vapors.
190.244 MMSCFD
Fleetwide instantaneous flowrate.
10 visits
We've reduced the frequency of our site visits by 10 using AI.
407.70 MMCFPD
Maximum VRU capacity.

Protecting our People

Our employees are more than contributors; they are critical to the success of our entire business. As a result, we carefully hold each other accountable to create a workplace that is safe, healthy and enjoyable. Safety isn’t just a checklist; safety is how we serve. 


We have various initiatives that prioritize our people’s well-being and safety: our required safety training and employee-led safety programs, the golden wrench safety club, mechanic of the month and more.



0.66 EMR
Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) outperforms the industry average of 1.00.
0.43 TRIR
Our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) far exceeds the industry average of 1.00.
27,818 JSAs
In 2020, our team performed 27,818 Job Safety Analyses (JSA).
599 SBOs
Performed 599 Behavioral Observations to strengthen our safety culture and likelihood of safe workplace behavior


Living Our Values

We don’t leave our values to chance. To ensure that our workplace is safe, productive and equitable for all, we establish and follow strong policies that keep our values alive. Flogistix is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value the diversity of our workforce. Flogistix prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type, and affords equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status or any other basis protected by local, state or federal law.


We take pride in providing the best equipment to field employees to ensure safety and efficiency. We also offer leadership training, CHAMP wellness plans, EAP programs, flex time in the summer and robust health benefits, which include comprehensive medical insurance and a 401K matching plan.

Continuing Education

"When I began working for Flogistix, I did not realize what a truly amazing and supportive company it is. Everyone is so welcoming, and it is nice to work for an organization who values you as an employee instead of just a number. Working for Flogistix has not only taught me so much about the industry, but the Continued Education program has allowed me to go back to college after 13 years. Achieving a bachelor’s degree is something I would have never believed I could do. Flogistix’s Continued Education Program has made this possibility a reality for me. Another year and a half, I will officially have a college degree, something that would be impossible without Flogistix. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and look forward to growing with this incredible organization."

Caring for our Neighbors

Where we live and work matters. Our team consistently looks for ways to give back, help out and support our local communities — whether it’s hosting a kids’ calendar contest, donating books to our children’s hospital or partnering with Allied Arts to send children to art camp. Through volunteer programs and employer-matched giving, our people are empowered to serve. 

"Flogistix feels that giving back to our local communities is just the right thing to do.”
“The Company is committed to trust and transparency with our stakeholders. We believe in doing things the right way.”

Holding High Standards 

We embrace accountability and hold each other to the standards our customers expect, that’s why we run Flogistix like a public company. We combine state of the art accounting systems, experienced personnel and strong internal controls to achieve this mission. Each year we are audited by an international accounting firm, which verifies our financial results, as well as our accounting policies and procedures.