Flogistix is committed to being an industry leader in technology in order to maximize our value proposition for our customers.


LOGIX Flogistix LOGIX PLC panel provides a level of control and precision unparalleled in the wellhead compression industry. It offers perfect simplicity with touchscreen interface, yet performs complex control sequences for automatic starting, precise pressure control, remote monitoring, high tolerance speed ramping, and compressor loading under a variety of diverse and difficult conditions.

Flogistix LOGIX PLC comes with advanced control features such as Multi-Streamâ„¢ and the ability to control pressures in precision measured in ounces.  LOGIX PLC is one of the most advanced and flexible well head control systems in the industry and is engineered to handle almost any well condition imaginable. LOGIX PLC is standard on all Flogistix FX Series Compressors.



Cellular Telemetry

In addition to LOGIX, All Flogistix FX Series Compressors come equipped with cellular telemetry.  This connectivity compliments the LOGIX PLC and allows for maximum visibility into the performance of your well.  Quickly identify trends, correlate multiple sensor values or gain visibility into production issues using minute by minute data points.

LOGIX Telemetry is completely cloud based and can be accessed within any modern internet browser with any need for additional software to be installed.  Additionally, fault based alerts can be configured via SMS or email to ensure that you are aware of any issues at the well head as soon as they occur.


FloWorks Field Service Platform

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 2.25.20 PMIn order to achieve the highest standards of service and maintenance of our rental fleet, Flogistix has developed an industry leading field service platform.  FloWorks allows for preventative maintenance scheduling, tracking for parts consumption and time spent by service issue.  FloWorks also enforces preventative maintenance thoroughness in order to ensure that your equipment continues to perform at its highest capabilities.   FloWorks allows field technicians to capture a variety of well and equipment performance readings including emissions data.  This data is often vital to our customers in order to maintain regulatory and environmental compliance.