Technology is at the core of our business — offering you full transparency into your fleet operations and our 98% runtime guarantee.

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99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.

Flogistix Technology Solutions

Our proprietary technology works with proven machinery, using data to optimize your site. Through our suite of technology solutions, included with any Flogistix rental, you’ll be able to better connect with and control your units. The foundation of our technology suite is Axil — an industrial IoT system that gives you critical operational intelligence. By processing hundreds of data points per compressor per minute, Axil allows you to view your unit’s performance in real-time and make informed updates to your site. It also gives you the confidence that your site is operating at optimal conditions.

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Operating Transparency

Through our technology solutions, you can login for complete access to all operational data, including the runtime performance of your units. We offer full transparency — our customers see what we see.

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Custom-Built Technology

Our team of software and data engineers design our proprietary software based on customer needs. Each solution partners with our proven machinery and other technology products for seamless integration. Because our solutions are built in-house, we can customize a technology package that’s right for your goals.

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Decision-Making Data

Axil manages up to 300 data points per minute, but usable data is what matters most. We use a cloud computing platform to clean up site data before presenting it in a simple format through our customer interface, Flux. This combination of both simplicity and data intelligence gives you real-time insight to enhance decision making.


Axil is the brain of our operations — a highly intelligent operating system that records and processes data from all Flogistix assets. You can count on Axil to capture real-time snapshots of your units’ performance, allowing you full transparency to view runtime and other critical data points.

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IIoT Tech Stack

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Flux, our performance dashboard, pulls data from Axil and presents it in a usable format for decision making. You can view up to 300 performance metrics, including speed, vapor pressure and runtime percentage, for either single assets or your entire fleet. And with a customizable layout, Flux allows each team member to focus on different priorities to help ensure successful operations.

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Digital Twin

Our digital twin technology offers you a 3D view of any of your assets, complete with real-time sensor data. Using unit models, you’ll be able to tour your equipment — seeing the location and reporting of each sensor on your unit. Not only is this view helpful for monitoring and remote repair, but it creates a unique training opportunity for team members.

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Logix PLC control panel

Logix PLC

Logix PLC integrates with our data pipeline for precision control and automation. Through a simple touchscreen on-site, field personnel can adjust and control asset functions. Logix PLC also automatically calibrates to certain well situations, enabling your compressor to respond to dynamic operating conditions.

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Cellular Telemetry

Cellular Telemetry

Cellular telemetry is how we transmit data across your assets and to Axil. Each Flogistix unit is equipped with a cellular tower that serves as a connection point for data transfer. And while connectivity issues are rare, our units can also connect through satellite if needed. Our private and secure network connection manages your confidential data.

Service and Equipment Technology


With a goal of achieving the highest standards of service and maintenance, we created Floworks — an industry-leading field service platform. Integrated into our Flux system, Floworks enables you to view your site’s preventive maintenance schedule, pull safety and service reports for regulatory needs, and receive real-time alerts if service may be needed.

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Multi-Stream™ is our patented control method that enables a single gas compressor to target and control multiple sources of gas at various pressures. Applied through Logix PLC, the system integrates with off-skid sensors and control values to prioritize flow according to your requirements. Adopting this technology allows you to continuously manage your operations, and often reduces the required number of compressors on your site.

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Smart Gas Lift

An artificial gas lift draws gas off of the casing to improve fluid flow. Downhole pumps are not meant to handle large amounts of gas and become inefficient as gas percentage increases. Our Smart Gas Lift calculates the necessary injection rate to achieve minimum bottom hole pressure, allowing gas to vent and increasing maximum production.

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