Flux will change how you evaluate equipment performance. This highly-intelligent dashboard gives you real-time insight into your fleet operations, allowing you to better monitor your runtime and maximize your investments.


flux logo FLEET RUNTIME 99.4%
99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.

Let Data Drive Your Field Performance

At the intersection of service and transparency, Flux allows you to view and manage your entire fleet of compressors, vapor recovery units or other specialty equipment at one time. It’s a one-stop shop for fleet monitoring — analyzing runtime calculations and up to 300 other data points for greater visibility into your field performance.

Flux Features

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Fleet Monitoring and Management

Efficiently view your entire fleet at a glance, assessing how your rental units are running based on a 30-day calculation

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Proven Runtime

Have confidence in your FX Series unit’s performance — Flux interfaces with Logix PLC to show your runtime in real-time, backing up our 98% runtime guarantee

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Real-time Sensor Data

Evaluate vital sensor data, linked on a timeline that shows changes in your compressor and long-term trends that could impact optimal unit performance

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Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Track our service team’s preventive maintenance schedule and any work orders with an embedded FloWorks calendar

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Flexible Dashboard

Build and personalize your dashboard experience based on your priorities; a smart interface for team members working on different performance metrics

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Customized, Comprehensive Reporting

Pull up to 300 different types of reports on asset performance and management, including speed, vapor pressure or runtime for any unit; create reports specific to one unit or your entire fleet

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Real-time Notifications

Stay connected with real-time, push notifications sent right to your phone, email or server; notifications are completely customizable so you can select what matters most to you

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Layered Technology for Advanced Operations

Ability to layer and control additional Flogistix technology and advanced features through Flux, including Multi-Stream™ and Smart Gas Lift