With engineered precision, our Multi-Stream™ application allows a single gas compressor to regulate the flow of multiple vapor sources.

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Eliminating the Need for Multiple Compressors

Administered through our Logix PLC, the Patented Multi-Stream™ feature allows you to capture and compress gas streams from different sources. The user can prescribe control targets with small windows, such as in tank vapor recovery applications and higher pressures such as production separators. Plus, you can create flow priorities for each stream. The result is a smooth, continuously-managed operation for multiple gas applications using a single compressor.

Multi-Stream™ Applications and Advantages

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Vapor Recovery

Allows the compressor to act as a vapor recovery unit, capturing fugitive gas that would otherwise be vented or flared; reduces emissions and increases site revenue by capturing gas to sell

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Casing Drawdown

Reduces pressure on the backside of your well to boost well production

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Flash Gas Production

Lessens pressure on the primary liquid separators, including heater treaters, creating flash gas that can then be captured and sold

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Wellhead Compression

Optimizes your wellhead production through precise compressor control; responds instantly when low pressure source is ready