Logix PLC

Included with all Flogistix FX Series units, Logix uses cutting edge technology so your compressor can respond to the most diverse operating conditions.

flux logo FLEET RUNTIME 99.4%
99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.

Maximum Control, Easy to Use

A simple touchscreen interface makes Logix PLC easy to use, while the control panel allows complex control sequences for automatic starting, precise pressure control, remote monitoring and other compressor management. And since Logix PLC automatically reacts to changing conditions, you will experience continual improvements in your equipment’s operation.

Precise Pressure Control

Control pressure with an easy-to-use touchscreen, even in challenging operating conditions.

Logix PLC control panel

Logix PLC Features

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Increased Sensors, Increased Monitoring

Count on our high density of sensors for comprehensive monitoring and frequent communication with our PLC

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Real-Time Alerts

Receive alarm callouts for emergency conditions on your compressor; configure to receive text or email messages

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Data Pipeline Integration

Increase your access to reporting and monitoring through integration with existing data systems and cloud computing

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Multi-Tiered Access and Security

Keep your operational controls safe with our secure, multi-tiered approach to system access and data security