GLX4 Multi-Well Gas Lift Optimization and Control Solution


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GLX4 Multi-Well Gas Lift Optimization and Control Solution

The GLX4 is a bundled compact skid that offers injection optimization for up to four wells, ensuring the well is never under- or over-injected. It is engineered to work with any high-pressure gas source up to 1800 psi, whether from pipelines or compressors. Additionally, this system offers Flux access, making collaboration across your site seamless.

  • Sense well operating characteristics
  • Analyze live streaming production values
  • Compute real-time optimum injection rate, tailored specifically for the well’s design and current operating conditions
  • Using the advanced Critical Rate mode, the Smart Gas Lift system responds instantly to variations in line pressure, changes to production volumes, or any other variable affecting your well
  • With continuous data processing, pressure effects as small as a fraction of 1 psi are identified
GLX4 Performance Chart
This well experienced two days of a moderate increase in sales line pressure (black trend line). Critical rate mode then responded by increasing the injection rate (solid orange), maximizing production (solid green). Traditional gas lift operations would have maintained the constant injection rate (dashed orange) and in that case, the calculated production rate (dashed green) would have been more significantly impacted by the pressure fluctuation.


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