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Compressor Lowers Pressure, Boosts Production Across Eight Permian Wells

With eight vertical wells underperforming in the Permian, our customer installed a Flogistix FX12 compressor. This solution tripled oil production and added more than $2 million in value to the site.


Our customer had eight vertical wells producing from the Spraberry Formation in the Permian Basin. The wells’ gathering system was overloaded with casinghead gas — increasing bottom hole pressure and lowering production.


After reviewing the customer’s production levels, we installed an FX12 compressor to lower pressure in the well annulus. This solution allowed gas and fluids to flow more easily into the well bore increasing production.


With the installation of the FX12, our customer saw an increase in oil production, from 55 to 105 barrels of oil per day. The customer was also able to capture and sell the produced gas instead of flaring or venting it to the atmosphere. As a result, gas production increased from 370 to 659 Mcf/d.
vertical wells served by a single compressor
55 to 105 bbl/d
increase after compressor
370 to 659 mcfsd
increase after compressor
$2.3 million
of value added with compressor installation
Graph showing the success of a Flogistix compressor

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