Smart Gas Lift

We combined our most intelligent technologies to create the SMART Gas Lift — an artificial gas lift that uses full automation to continuously achieve the perfect injection rate and maximum well performance.

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99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.

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Maximize Your Resources with a Smart Gas Lift

Advanced gas compressor automation meets computerized petroleum engineering in our SMART Gas Lift solution. By pairing our Logix PLC control panel with our Ariel reciprocating compressor and Cummins driver, we developed a best-in-class mechanical design with top-tier instrumentation and controls. This innovative and robust design works in even the most dynamic operating conditions for proven well optimization.

Benefits of the Flogistix
Smart Gas Lift

Maintain Stability

The Flogistix SMART Gas Lift keeps injection rates constant during high line pressure situations which maintains stable unloading of the well at all times.

Proven Performance

Our SMART Gas Lift solution has a typical uplift success of 2 to 10% and a runtime guarantee of 98%. This proven performance gives you confidence that our compression system will deliver beyond conventional operating methods.

Control That’s Convenient

Control compressor injection rates and access performance data anytime, anywhere through our dedicated and protected online system.

Protect Production Streams

Mitigate lost production due to line pressure changes by keeping the injection rate constant with SMART Gas Lift.

Built-in Features, Lower Installation Cost

Designed with efficiency in mind, our SMART Gift Lift includes several built-in features that make installation faster and more cost effective. From an integral gas injection meter and suction pressure controller to a particulate filtration and other features, our solution’s integrated benefits get you on line faster compared to conventional systems.


Our proprietary technology works with proven machinery, using data to optimize your site. Through our suite of technology solutions, included with any Flogistix rental, you’ll be able to better connect with and control your units.

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