Look into the past. Understand the present. Predict the future. Flogistix’s Digital Twin can unlock exponential value for your operations and help you stay ahead of disruption.

flux logo FLEET RUNTIME 99.4%
99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.


The Digital Twin can accelerate access to critical performance data and speed up insights without additional field visits. Map all your complex data to a virtual model and see it respond to feeds in real time. Our Digital Twin is furthered by the powerful AXIL platform and FLUX integration.

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Digital Twin Features

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Built on the Power of AXIL

A Digital Twin is only as good as the technology and team behind it. Axil — our highly intelligent operating system — processes hundreds of data points per compressor per minute for full transparency of your past performance designed by our team of engineering technologists.

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Live Data Integration

Don’t depend on the past to predict the present when you can view real-time, live data from your physical unit.

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Digital Thread

Tie everything together in one tell-all representation of your real-world unit. Gain a holistic impression of your system within a system without leaving your seat.

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When you combine our detailed 3D modeling with time and data — you get the benefit of an exact, fully-functional 3D model that is as good, if not better, than its twin. See your fleet in 4D.

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Custom Views

Remove distractions and bring focus to your work with the capability to toggle data and streams off and on to create the perfect view of your Digital Twin’s performance.

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Augmented Reality

Get up-close and experience your unit like you are in the field without leaving the comfort and safety of your office. With the smart app, you can project and place your Digital Twin unit into your physical space at any time and walk around and through it. You can try this solo or with a shared group remote session.

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Remote Group Sessions

Experience a shared reality by inviting your team into a remote group session where your team can review, troubleshoot or diagnose equipment status or issues collaboratively with the Digital Twin. Team members can access your session with our app from anywhere in the world.

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Replay Ready

You can hop into your Digital Twin and peer into past performance. Just select a date and time frame then sit back and watch data play out over the next 30-90 minutes.

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See what you cannot with our XRAY mode. Look inside your unit and gain ultimate transparency into your equipment’s performance. You can also use the pull-apart view to separate your unit's distinct components.

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Be alerted to snags or potential trouble spots before they become an issue with alerts and cues that you can customize.

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The Digital Twin helps in the effort to reduce or eliminate emissions and reduces the costs and carbon footprint of operations by reducing the need for in-field visits.

Responsibly Sourced Hydrocarbons (RSH)

The Flogistix Digital Twin is part of the RSH-Certified line of products. Learn how RSH can help your company unlock additional revenue and manage reputation while you work toward net-zero targets.

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