Wellhead Compression

Our proven wellhead compression solutions are the reason we lead the industry in production optimization. We start with intelligently-designed compressors, backed by completely automated technology that maintains optimal well production.

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99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.

Maximize Your Production

As mature oil and gas wells lose their energy, many operators abandon them because of increased production costs. However, these wells still have considerable product — and profit — downhole. Flogistix wellhead compression solutions keep your wells flowing above critical velocity, increasing both production and your bottom line.  

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Benefits of Flogistix Wellhead Compression Solutions

Unlocking Full Potential

In mature wells, gas pressure decreases to a point where produced gases or liquids can no longer travel through the tubing. By introducing compression, wellhead pressure optimizes to allow larger gas flow rates. For most oil and gas wells, a compressor is the single most effective and economic tool to increase production and extend the life of a well.

No Downhole Work Required

Compressors require no expensive downhole work to unlock your well’s full potential. No other process or application can match the uplift benefit from wellhead compression on a dollar per unit of energy basis.

Ultimate Reliability

Our wellhead compression series equipment combines time-tested and proven hardware with advanced process controls and engineering. Our automated controls do what no other human or machine can — continuously monitor and maintain pressure levels that offer optimal production results.

Right-Sized Solutions for Your Site

Choosing the right-sized wellhead compressor is not only best for your bottom line, but it can reduce emissions and fuel consumption (as compared to larger models) and be easier to maintain. We provide a number of compressor sizes to fit your site.

A Measured Investment

We offer wellhead evaluations, using our proprietary analysis process, for new or existing clients. Based on current production data and other factors, our team of petroleum engineers can estimate your well’s uplift potential and which Flogistix compression solution is right for your site.

Layered for Efficiency

Flogistix products layer together for cost and operational efficiency. By starting with wellhead compression as your foundation, we can add technology — including vapor recovery — to meet your future site needs.


With eight underperforming wells in the Permian, our customer needed a compressor solution to optimize production.

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