Atmospheric Solutions

Our vapor recovery and leak detection solutions optimize your operations by reducing emissions and capturing gas for additional revenue.

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Flogistix’s atmospheric solutions use state-of-the-art technology to capture fugitive gas and identify gas leaks, significantly reducing harmful emissions. From vapor recovery at the wellhead to leak detection around storage facilities, we serve you throughout the oil and gas value chain.
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Atmospheric Solutions Benefits

Investing in our atmospheric solutions offers your site significant advantages:

  • Production of captured vapor
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Decreased or eliminated need to flare or vent
  • Leak detection and mitigation

Vapor Recovery Strategy with Engineered Precision

As an industry leader in vapor recovery, our technology captures and cools fugitive gases — eliminating the need to flare or vent — before putting them in the sales pipeline to boost your bottom line.

Vapor Recovery

Strategic Design

We consider the performance of your entire site — not just the compressor — when designing your vapor recovery solution. Using machine learning and sensors, we recommend the correct layout to maximize your system.

Pipeline Profit

Vapor recovery is the only fugitive gas solution that is both profitable and in compliance with state and federal air regulations. With a Flogistix vapor recovery unit, hydrocarbon gas becomes a revenue stream instead of an environmental liability.

Detecting Leaks, Reducing Emissions

Our AirMethane solutions use advanced technology to identify and measure methane leaks with accuracy. After monitoring, you’ll receive a custom report of locations and leak rates for use in repairs and compliance with local and EPA regulations.

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Our Optical Gas Imaging G300A camera scans connections quickly, detecting even the smallest leaks. Operated by an Optical Gas Imaging certified oil and gas expert, our camera has a 320x240 resolution and is a cost-effective solution for leak detection.

Unmanned Aerial System

Flown by FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilots with oil and gas expertise, our drone safely navigates hard-to-reach areas, scanning up to 328 feet away with a 25ms response time. Our drone features an Optical Gas Imaging G300A camera and can produce both 2D and 3D concentration maps and livecast its data.

Discover Atmospheric Solutions

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“Vapor recovery is a win, win. Instead of releasing methane into the atmosphere, producers are able to turn these vapors into revenue.”

- Mims Talton, President and CEO

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per year

Flogistix Vapor Recovery Units emit less than 10 tons of emissions vs. 20,000 tons of CO2e from venting 50 mscfd.

“Capturing fugitive emissions across thousands of wells can put millions of cubic feet of gas into the pipeline.”

- Paul Munding, Vice President of Petroleum Engineering

1.2 mmcfd

Our FX Series units capture tank vapors at rates up to 1.2 mmcfd with the precision of ounces instead of pounds.

Custom Fabrication

Our innovative engineering team will partner with you to design a custom solution for your application.

Custom Fabrication

Case Study: Vapor Recovery

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Our Atmospheric Solutions seamlessly integrate into Flux, your performance dashboard that provides real-time insight into machinery performance. Flux allows you to manage your fleet of vapor recovery units, and stores leak detection monitoring and reporting for compliance auditing.