Custom Fabrication

Proper equipment selection is critical to site success. As both a technology and equipment company, we have the expertise to custom build equipment to fit your site needs.

flux logo FLEET RUNTIME 99.4%
99.4% Runtime

At 98%, our runtime guarantee beats the industry average and — most importantly — means our equipment will work for you. See what makes Flux the leader in real-time, transparent fleet monitoring.

Get to Know Our Custom Fabrication Services

Our innovative engineering team will partner with you to design a custom solution for your application. We can update any Flogistix compressors to fit your specifications, or produce new pieces of equipment such as water processing plants and gas coolers.

Custom Fabrication Benefits

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Your Goals, Your Specifications

We can tailor any piece of oilfield equipment to meet your needs, from location or site requirements to capacities outside of standard fleet equipment functionality.

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Quality Guarantee

Our engineering team will design a system for your application using the same expertise and quality standards that Flogistix is known for.

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Built to National Standards

Our custom builds comply with national standards for quality, including corrosion protection and pressure codes.

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Opportunity to Layer Technology

We can layer our technology solutions to interact with custom-built equipment, offering increased control, automation and data.

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Custom Fabrication Experience

  • Compressors
  • Gas coolers
  • Recycle pumps
  • Skids or code vessels
  • Transfer pumps, stainless steel or carbon steel
  • Trailer-mounted equipment
  • Vapor recovery towers
  • Vapor recovery units
  • Water processing plants
  • Water pumps

Get Started on Your Custom Order

Tell us about your site, and how we can custom build a solution for you. Follow up within 24 hours guaranteed.