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FLOGISTIX is committed to providing the best service possible using cutting-edge technology. FloWorks is an industry leading field service platform that allows FLOGISTIX to deliver the level of service that our customers expect. The FloWorks platform was implemented in March 2012 FloWorks and has revolutionized the way that FLOGISTIX tracks payroll, maintains equipment maintenance records, drives performance-based bonus programs and more. FLOGISTIX is now able to track time spent on each task as well part usage by task, allowing FLOGISTIX to gain a deep understanding into what is driving field costs. FloWorks has become integral to the FLOGISTIX business model. In addition to designing and implementing their field service platform around their needs, FloWorks worked to design and implement a method of integrating the field service data into FLOGISTIX web-based ERP system. This custom integration automatically builds payroll, maintains equipment level P&L statements and impacts company financials automatically. This has allowed FLOGISTIX to transition to cloud based, data-driven business processes and has massively changed the way that FLOGISTIX runs its day-to-day operations.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

FloWorks helps FLOGISTIX keep units up-to-date on regulatory compliance requirement by embedding emissions testing forms for all units inside the work order. This is vital to FLOGISTIX commitment to sustainability and staying ahead of the curve in our changing regulatory environment.

Floworks, Oil and Gas Optimization, FLOGISTIX, MIMS TALTON

Floworks, Oil and Gas Optimization, FLOGISTIX, MIMS TALTON


  • PM Completion Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Automated Payroll Tracking
  • Asset Maintenance History
  • Asset level P&L
  • Custom Forms for HSE & HR
  • Remote Training & Course Completion

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