The Oil & Gas Industry Must Confront the Emissions Problem

Flogistix is leading the way.

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Opportunity Awaits

Methane emissions from oil and gas production have emerged as a leading operational, reputational, and regulatory risk, but it could also offer incremental value for operators.

Flogistix provides a comprehensive platform of next generation solutions across all phases of the energy value chain – including emissions management.


Our cost-effective atmospheric solutions, like advanced vapor recovery systems and IIoT-enabled VRUs, are custom designed to fit any well-site facilities operation and capture high volumes of methane and other greenhouse gases that would otherwise be released through flaring or venting. Beyond just capturing emissions, our proprietary software allows you to quantify, track and meet benchmarks for oil and gas emissions — empowering you to not only comply with, but exceed your emission goals and regulations.

Tackle your GHG challenges head-on with Flogistix, the comprehensive ESG and emissions partner you’ve been looking for.

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Atmospheric Solutions


  • Benefit from Flogistix’s low-cost solutions that optimize your operations by reducing emissions and capturing gas for additional revenue.
  • Flogistix IloT-enabled Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) capture emissions and have the capacity to remove 22+ million metric tons of CO2e from the energy value chair per year
  • Find and measure carbon and methane flaring, venting and leaks through our AirMethane service
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Production Optimization


  • Flogistix’s data-driven solutions optimize the operating conditions of your well
  • Optimize production, extend the life of the well and enhance economic returns with our wellhead compression technology
  • Sophisticated, proprietary process controls are fully automated, with the highest run-time and efficiency in the industry