Flogistix AirMethane solutions are the safest and most accurate methods for methane leak detection.

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Which AirMethane Solution is Right for Your Site?

Flogistix offers two technology solutions and three detection methods to pinpoint methane leaks along the industry value chain. Our aerial and handheld technology uses laser, sniffer and optical gas imaging to detect vapors.
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Using a drone equipped with an Optical Gas Imaging camera, our FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilots with oil and gas expertise scan for emissions up to 328 feet away. Our aerial solution works in hard-to-reach areas, produces 2D and 3D maps and can livecast drone data. Benefits of this method are increased access to hard-to-reach areas and improved staff safety.

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A certified technician uses an Optical Gas Imaging camera to scan thousands of connections quickly, detecting even the smallest leaks. It is the more cost-effective method, but does require on-site staff.

Benefits of AirMethane Solutions

Optimized Operations

Our AirMethane solutions, both handheld and aerial, use Optical Gas Imaging to identify leaks. Our aerial drones are also equipped with methane sniffers and laser detection systems. These layers of technology offer unparalleled accuracy. Our solutions also pair well with Flux, our performance dashboard. Flux stores each site's reporting on historical leak detections and can provide reporting for compliance.

Safe Leak Detection

Using our advanced technology not only guarantees leak detection accuracy, but it helps maintain safe operations. Our leak detection reports will enable targeted maintenance and reduce fugitive emissions on your site. Also, our aerial detection solution allows us to identify and measure leaks in hard-to-reach areas that would otherwise be dangerous for staff performing handheld detection.

Rapid Reporting

View the detection process as it happens via our live stream capabilities. Within at least 24 hours of inspection, you’ll receive a custom report of leak rates and locations for use in repair work and compliance with local and EPA regulations.

Serving All Domestic Locations

We service all domestic U.S. oil and gas locations, including well pads, pipeline right of ways, compressor stations, plants and gas storage facilities.

AirMethane Specs

Read our AirMethane one-pager to learn more about the specifics of our two solutions and determine which is right for your site.

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