Autonomous Well Optimization

Advanced gas compressor automation meets computerized petroleum engineering. Industry leading Logix PLC is paired with the high fidelity data acquisition of Axil to continuously monitor your well and optimize gas injection rates for maximum production, efficiency, and reliability.

Improved Performance and Production

Compression system is engineered to go beyond conventional operating methods allowing for highly dynamic reactions to the well’s needs with zero concerns over vibration, natural frequencies, rod load, or other challenges from un-manned adjustments and autostarts.

Streamlined Setup and Installation

Integral gas injection meter, suction pressure controller, particulate filtration, and other features greatly simplify installation to get you on line faster and with far less construction expenses than conventional systems.

Durable and Quality Construction

Best in class mechanical design and packaging with top tier instrumentation and controls, Ariel reciprocating compressor, Cummins driver, and the precision Flogistix emissions control system. Electric motor driven with variable frequency drive version available.

Gas lift in front of a Flogistix Truck