Flogistix, LP Achievements:

1 Million Safe Work Man-Hours, 2 Years Recordable Free
Flogistix is pleased to announce the achievement of 1,000,000 Safe Work Man-Hours on April 23, 2018 and 2 years recordable free on April 25, 2018. These are milestones of enormous value, because the means to obtain an excellent EHSS result in a difficult work environment could not have been achieved without exceptional teamwork, attention to detail and following established safety procedures.

Flogistix provides the resources to create a safe work environment, but it is every employee which brings a culture of safety with them to work each and every day.  It took more than just luck to reach 1 million safe work man-hours and 2 years recordable free.  When a minor injury or significant near-miss did occur, Flogistix was quick to learn from the experience and take the necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence.

Our EHSS record is something we can all be proud of, something that sets us apart from others. Every employee has worked hard as a single team for this recognition; and they deserve this recognition. We sincerely thank each employee for making Flogistix proud.

EHSS Overview

At Flogistix, EHSS is a value, one that is fully integrated in the company culture. It’s an entire way of doing business. We are firmly committed to operating all of our facilities and services projects in such a way that maximizes the health and safety of all employees and effectively protects the environment.

Flogistix philosophy is not only to comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws, rules and regulations but also to set the standard. We do that by promoting a proactive EHSS culture both on and off the job.

We encourage all employees actively participate and be involved in the EHSS program. Our EHSS Improvement Committee is a cross-functional group of employees ranging from Service Mechanics to the company CEO. We believe employee involvement ensures the policies, procedures and programs developed are embraced and fully implemented by all.

Explore the Flogistix EHSS overview page and get a feel for our programs and what our vision and strategic plan is.

EHSS Model

This is what drives our culture. A point where incidents may happen, but don’t result in injuries. This model is broken down into three (3) elements:


We must have leadership, at all levels, engaged in improving EHSS performance and setting high expectations.


Actions must be consistent with the goals and expectations. Employees must make the right choice every time, all the time.


We must manage the process to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

Health & Safety

Flogistix believes every employee should have the opportunity to work in a safety and healthful environment. Our expectation is ZERO! We believe that all injuries, accidents and loss of property can be prevented and all program, activities and policies and procedures are developed to support that thought.

Our success will result from excellent management commitment, the correct philosophy and the right people.

The following components make up our process and ensure we ultimately achieve ZERO!

Pre-task planning using the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process

This ensures employees are performing adequate hazard assessments prior to performing a task, thus reducing the risk of injury and/or incident.

Fundamentals of Safety

These fundamental ideas target key subjects areas that traditionally cause injuries and/or incidents. They include; Lockout/Tagout/Confined Space/PPE/Driving Safety.

Target Zero II

This is the Flogistix Behavior Based Safety Program. It includes an observation process that focuses on the positive reinforcement of safe behaviors and available options to correcting the observed opportunities. The program is structured to teach and coach employees to make the right choice each and every time.

Root Cause Incident Investigation

Flogistix believes all incidents are preventable, however when they do occur, we believe identifying the root cause and taking the appropriate action to prevent re-occurrence is a key to NO ONE GETS HURT”!

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

Flogistix believes in a Drug and Alcohol Free work Environment. To ensure this exist, we have implemented a program that requires drug and alcohol screening for all new hires, post incident testing, and random testing and for cause testing.

Fleet Safety

As an oil and gas optimization and service company, a large part of business involves the use of company vehicles and a large number of miles driven each month. To ensure our employees are performing, Flogistix conducts an MVR check of all current and prospective drivers and grades their driving record. In addition, all new drivers are required to complete to Smith Systems computer based training (CBT) prior to operating a company vehicle.


Flogistix has a new employee orientation process that includes training on all OSHA required subjects along with additional topics specific to our business. In addition, all employees receive EHSS related training at least monthly along with weekly toolbox discussions.




Flogistix is committed to protecting the environment. Flogistix conducts its business and operates its manufacturing facilities in a safe and secure manner designed to protect the environment and the health and safety of its employees, contractors, and neighbors. Flogistix is committed to complying with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental laws, rules, and regulations. Flogistix trains its employees to perform their duties in an environmentally safe manner.

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