Think all VRU compressors perform the same. Think again.

A Flogistix VRU compressor replaced three skid mounted competitor units for a Marcellus operator and out-performed them collectively. The operator has a large Marcellus presence in and amongst multiple homesteads and needed to ensure that vapors were not being vented off of the condensate stock tanks. Three competitor units were barely keeping up with the vapor demand and struggling to maintain tank pressure below relief gaskets set to open at 8 oz. A skid mounted Flogistix FX12 was set in September of 2017 and immediately the customer realized the tank vapors managed consistently to near 3.5 oz without the prior venting occurring.


Permian Operators cash-in on seven figure revenues from multi-well pad vapor recovery

Operators across both the Delaware and Midland basins have continued to bring on phenomenal Wolfcamp horizontal wells. With the advent of multi-well extended lateral pads comes record oil and flash gas production per pad. Revenues of over seven figures are seen when evaluating economics based on production curves of 4 extended laterals coming online together with current commodity prices. Economics below are based off average Delaware basin Wolfcamp production curves for a 4 well extended lateral pad site. Estimated cost of $60,000 were used for the install of two FX12V125 electric compressors to run on the site. Exercise has operation downsizing to one FX12V125 after one year.

vapor-recovery vapor-recovery-2