Another Success Case in the Fruitland Coal Under Similar Conditions

This shallow CBM gas well, after producing a cumulative of 17.7 BCF was struggling against the natural
decline of the Fruitland Coal reservoir and needed assistance to reduce backpressure. The Operator
installed a Flogistix FX12 GED in April 2016 as shown on the decline curve below (Fig. 1). The well was a
gas well on beam pump to pull the water off as the gas flowed up the casing annulus. The current line
pressure or compressor discharge pressure is 90 psig. The reduction of the casing pressure to 40 psig
resulted in a reduced flowing bottomhole pressure and an average incremental production increase of
250-300 Mcfd.

The well’s reservoir has been able to maintain that additional uplift since that date and is projected to
yield an incremental NPV10 of $746,000 over the 10-year project life. This discounted Npv10 accounts
for all lease operating expenses (including compressor rentals), average annual gas pricing and taxes
(BFIT). This location was just under 7000’ elevation, and the Flogistix Unit has delivered the guaranteed
98% runtime to the Operator. This is a proven demonstration of Flogistix compressor reliability and
expert field service under adverse operating conditions.