Flogistix has been sustainably aware since its inception in 2011. It produces innovative compressors and proprietary vapor recovery technology that goes beyond environmentally friendly, helping to minimize fugitive methane emissions. The company’s FX compressors emit 20,000 times less fugitive methane emissions at a 50MCFPD tank battery without a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) installed.

With the introduction of Biogistix, the company is determined to do more. “Biogistix means we take sustainability seriously, that we will live our commitment to environmental responsibility in everything we do,” said Talton. “From using sustainable supplies at our facilities to build the most environmentally sensitive technologies on the market, environmental stewardship will be our guiding principle.”

“Our hunger for energy will never change,” said Talton, “the way we deliver it will. Our ultimate goal is to maximize resources, and protect those of generations to come.”

Going Green with Vapor Recovery

“Direct methane emissions released to the atmosphere (without burning) are about 21 times more powerful than CO2 in terms of their warming effect on the atmosphere” (EPA, 2010). What does this mean for you? Venting 50 MCFD from your tanks equates to over 20,000 tons of CO2e released each year. Vapor Recovery Units from Flogistix not only capture this fugitive gas, but emit less than ten tons per year. Go with our electric units and enjoy ZERO emissions. Put an end to venting and flaring. It’s economical. It’s responsible.