Mims Talton

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in Flogistix. As a proven leader in well optimization, we are thoroughly committed to improving your bottom line, boosting proven reserves and putting our vision of environmental sustainability into action. We can help you find incremental gas volumes with minimal cost and no capital expenditure.

With over 8,000 wellhead compressors placed into service, our management team has the expertise to boost production at practically any well site. Our extensive experience and focus on environmental stewardship led to the development of the FX Series wellhead compressors. These state-of-the-art compressors feature a programmable logic controller known as the Logix PLC, which is specifically designed for the ever-changing conditions of the wellhead compressor application.

The low-emission FX Series exceeds EPA emissions standards and features environmentally sensitive skid technology to prevent soil contamination. FX Series units are capable of handling fluids at varying flow rates and can be driven by electric or gas engines.

Our production optimization service begins with an in-depth consultation from our engineering sales staff. They bring a wealth of local and regional knowledge that is crucial to success in unique operating environments. Utilizing proper compressor selection, incredible field service and the best run times in the industry, our goal is to help you realize a 10-1 return on your investment.

Flogistix is an industry leader in the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) segment. Our studies show that a tank battery emitting 50 MCFPD is losing out on approximately $200,000 in annual revenue. Our proprietary VRU technology helps you capture these revenues while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s just another way profitability and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

In today’s environment of low gas pricing and active drilling programs, optimizing the productivity of your existing wells is crucial. The Flogistix Multi-Stream Compressor System handles vapor recovery, wellhead compression, casing drawdown and flash gas production in a single, compact unit. By integrating vapor recovery and WH compression applications, you can significantly increase revenues with little to no additional cost.

Let Flogistix boost your existing production so you can focus on bigger things. With extensive experience in this niche market, we are poised to become the most important service company you have ever hired. MAXIMIZE YOUR RESOURCES.

Thank you,

Mims Talton

President and Chief Executive Officer, FLOGISTIX, LP