Flogistix to Present at Upcoming SPE-Tulsa Luncheon on May 24th

Did you know? Our studies show that a tank battery emitting 50 MCFPD is losing out on approximately $200,000 in annual revenue.

At Flogistix, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in technology which serves the oil and gas industry and ultimately, our communities and environment. On May 24th, our very own, Paul Munding, VP of Petroleum Engineering, will present to an audience of petroleum engineers bringing in to focus the benefits of Vapor Recovery Units (VRU).

Increased revenues, reduced carbon emissions and regulatory compliance are just a few of the incentives provided by vapor recovery and you owe it to your business and the atmosphere to learn more about it. Flogistix has invested heavily in understanding and maximizing VRU and is a proven leader in the industry. We are eager to share our knowledge and earn the title of your preferred well optimization partner.

Event Details:
Luncheon Meeting
May 24, 2018 | 11:20am-1:00pm
Speaker: Paul Munding, Flogistix
Topic: “Maximizing Vapor Recovery”
Location: The Summit Club, 30th Floor, Ballroom*

Media Contact:
Leslie Weiher

For more information about Vapor Recovery and other well optimization technologies, visit www.flogistix.com.
About Flogistix
Flogistix has over 17 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. This oil and gas optimization company utilizes an engineered approach to help customers with their vapor recovery, compression and water transfer needs. Their specialties include; Wellhead compression, Gas lift units, Vapor Recovery, and electric or gas engine compression packages. Flogistix has just developed a new line of wellhead compressors, the FX series, designed to meet all wellhead compression and vapor recovery applications. The industry’s leading control panel, the LOGIX PLC, monitors all compressor functions giving our customers total control and increased production. All units include satellite telemetry and are available on our unique 30 day rental contracts.


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