Flogistix, LP Achievement: One Million Safe Work Man-Hours

It is our honor and pleasure to announce the achievement of 1,000,000 Safe Work Man-Hours
on April 23, 2018, since our last recordable incident. This is a milestone of enormous value,
because the means to obtain an excellent EHSS result in a difficult work environment could not
have been achieved without the exceptional teamwork, attention to detail and following
established safety procedures.

Flogistix provides the resources to create a safe work environment, but it is every employee
which brings a culture of safety with them to work each and every day. It took more than just
luck to reach one million safe work man-hours without a serious incident. When a minor injury or
significant near-miss did occur, Flogistix was quick to learn from the experience and take the
necessary steps to prevent recurrance.

Our EHSS record is something we can all be proud of, something that sets us apart from others.
However, what we would like to reiterate on this occasion is that we must not allow our pride in
this achievement to turn into complacency. We must not shift our focus from ensuring that work
is carried out in a safe manner every day. We must take responsibility for our own safety and for
that of our colleagues and continue to be vigilant in looking out for issues related to safety. With
this type of dedication to our safety program, there is no reason why we cannot go another one
million safe work man hours, therefore, let’s continue to drive on this achievement.

“Work Safe – Home Safe”


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