Energy and Environmental Services announces H2S treatment Field Test with Flogistix, LP

OKLAHOMA CITY, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Energy and Environmental Services, Inc. (OTC: EESE) is pleased to announce that the company is participating with Flogistix, LP in an H2S treating tower “research and development” field test. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary EcoZyme System Technologies (EST) has developed an environmentally friendly product that will assist in rendering the poisonous H2S gas harmless. Additionally, in-house testing has shown that this treatment can be more cost effective and will not leave behind a toxic by-product as compared to most current H2S removal methods.

This system can also be fitted with Flogistix’s “FLUX” cloud-based technology, which will allow an operator to monitor the entire process online making operations safer, more efficient and economical.

“Flogistix is a proven leader in well optimization and environmental stewardship,” said Todd Jelinek, CEO. “We’re excited that their management sees value in testing this new system for H2S control.”

“Flogistix is excited to partner with EES on this H2S treating project. We believe that upon successful testing, we will be able to offer economic wellhead compression services in H2S environments, in addition to assisting operators to maximize their gas production and their realized prices,” said Mims Talton, CEO of Flogistix.

About EES
Energy and Environmental Services, Inc., based in Oklahoma City, participates in the multi-billion dollar oilfield chemical, coatings/composites and biotech industries. EES was established in 1991 and management has over 50 years of experience blending, manufacturing and packaging custom liquids and solid chemicals for the oil, gas and agricultural industries. Additionally, the company has expanded to develop innovative products and applications for enzyme system technologies, livestock feed supplements, specialized anti-corrosive coatings and solar well treatment systems. Please visit the company’s website at

About Flogistix
Flogistix senior management combined has manufactured and placed into service over 10,000 gas compressors. This oil and gas optimization company utilizes an engineered approach to help customers with their vapor recovery, compression and water transfer needs. Their specialties include: Wellhead compression units, Vapor Recovery, and electric or gas engine compression packages. Flogistix has developed a line of wellhead compressors, the FX series, designed to meet all wellhead compression and vapor recovery applications. The industry’s leading control panel, the LOGIX PLC, monitors all compressor functions giving our customers total control and increased production. All units include telemetry and are available on our unique 30 day rental contracts.

Further announcements will be forthcoming.
EES Contact:
Scott Shaw 800-635-7716

Flogistix Contact:
Jim Merrill, CFO

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