Flogistix secures patent for Multi-Stream™ single compressor system

Multi-Stream™ is the only single unit system in the industry that can perform multiple functions


OKLAHOMA CITY — Flogistix, LP, a leading gas compressor manufacturer and well optimization service provider to the domestic onshore oil and gas industry, recently secured a patent for its Multi-Stream™ single compressor system, which provides compression and vapor recovery within one unit. This technology is unmatched in the gas compression industry.


“Multi-Stream™ is unique to our field and only available through Flogistix,” said Aaron Baker, inventor of Multi-Stream™. “We are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to technology, and Multi-Stream™ is no exception. This single compressor system performs multiple functions, including vapor recovery, casing drawdown, flash gas production and wellhead compression. This multi-purpose technology optimizes production, reduces emissions and increases profitability for our clients.”


Multi-Stream™ enables clients to control multiple sources of gas at differing pressures and flowrates. It monitors pressures precisely and makes continuous, fine adjustments to keep targeted pressures regulated to fractions of an ounce. Utilizing high-grade instrumentation and control equipment and numerous PID algorithms combined with intelligent response prioritization logic, Multi-Stream™ delivers a smooth, continuously managed operation. Multi-Stream™ can be configured to handle production from a variety of high and low pressure gas sources to reduce operating expenses and simplify site design.


For more information, visit www.flogistix.com.


About Flogistix

Flogistix has over 17 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. This oil and gas optimization company utilizes an engineered approach to help customers with their vapor recovery, compression and water transfer needs. Their specialties include; Wellhead compression, Gas lift units, Vapor Recovery, and electric or gas engine compression packages. Flogistix has just developed a new line of wellhead compressors, the FX series, designed to meet all wellhead compression and vapor recovery applications. The industry’s leading control panel, the LOGIX PLC, monitors all compressor functions giving our customers total control and increased production. All units include satellite telemetry and are available on our unique 30 day rental contracts.


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