Oklahoma City-based Flogistix launches Downhole Services division

Company offers capabilities unique to Mid-Continent, including composite coiled tubing and nitrogen pumping


OKLAHOMA CITY – Flogistix, LP, a leading manufacturer and well optimization service provider to the domestic onshore oil and gas industry, recently launched a new Downhole Services division. The Oklahoma City-based company now offers services including composite coiled tubing, steel tubing, nitrogen membrane service, artificial lift installation, and purging and pressure testing of vessels at gas plants and pipelines. Flogistix will have unique capabilities in the Mid-Continent with this type of equipment.


“Downhole services are a perfect complement to our existing offerings at Flogistix and will provide efficiencies and cost-savings for our clients,” said Mims Talton, CEO of Flogistix. “We are always looking for ways to improve our clients’ well productivity, and this state-of-the-art technology and equipment will continue to set us apart from the competition.”


A particular differentiator for the Flogistix Downhole Services division are the composite coil tubing unit (CCTU) and nitrogen membrane unit (NMU).


The CCTU provides safe and efficient live well intervention, simple mobilization and rig-up, and the ability to circulate fluids while moving tubing up and down inside the wellbore. CCTU applications include well unloading, cleanouts, spotting chemicals (such as acid), sales and installation of low horse power electric submersible pumps, and gas lift/velocity strings.


“The CCTU is typically a fraction of the cost of conventional coil tubing units,” Talton said. “It is smaller in size and weighs less, making it more nimble than conventional coil units and allowing it to be transported without weight permits. Further, the composite tubing is less susceptible to stress cycle fatigue and reduces the risk of downhole failures and unnecessary replacement.”


On average, membrane nitrogen is half the cost of liquid nitrogen and is created by separating the nitrogen from the oxygen on-site, which makes the NMU more affordable, safer and convenient than liquid nitrogen. It also has a smaller environmental footprint and requires fewer operating personnel, which reduces logistical issues.


The Downhole Services division will serve Flogistix clients nationwide. For more information, call (405) 536-0000.


About Flogistix

Flogistix, LP is a leading manufacturer and well optimization service provider to the domestic onshore oil and gas industry. The company manufactures a large range of gas engine and electric driven compressors and pump systems and maintains a gas compressor fleet in excess of 2,400 units located throughout eight producing states. For more information, visit http://flogistix.com/.


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