Flogistix Announces Sustainability Initiative – Biogistix

Oil And Gas Optimization Company Takes Sustainability Seriously

OKLAHOMA CITY – Flogistix, LP, an oil and gas optimization service company has introduced Biogistix, a sustainability initiative that commits the company to environmental responsibility in every facet of operations.

“At Flogistix, we don’t just maximize resources, we preserve them for our planet and for future generations,” said Flogistix President and CEO Mims Talton. “That’s why we have introduced Biogistix, a comprehensive sustainability initiative designed to protect the earth and its natural wonders.”

Flogistix has been sustainably aware since its inception in 2011. It produces innovative compressors and proprietary vapor recovery technology that goes beyond environmentally friendly, helping to minimize fugitive methane emissions. The company’s FX compressors emit 20,000 times less fugitive methane emissions at a 50MCFPD tank battery without a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) installed.

With the introduction of Biogistix, the company is determined to do more. “Biogistix means we take sustainability seriously, that we will live our commitment to environmental responsibility in everything we do,” said Talton. “From using sustainable supplies at our facilities to building the most environmentally sensitive technologies on the market, environmental stewardship will be our guiding principle.”

“Our hunger for energy will never change,” said Talton, “the way we deliver it will. Our ultimate goal is to maximize resources, and protect those of generations to come.”

About Flogistix: Flogistix, LP is a leading manufacturer and well optimization service provider to the domestic onshore oil and gas industry. The company manufactures a large range of gas engine and electric driven compressors and pump systems and maintains a gas compressor rental fleet in excess of 1,300 units located throughout eight producing states.

Article Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/9/prweb11087159.htm


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